I like how at the beginning of the series, I’m all “Dead is an asshole and I feel bad for Sam”

Then by season 3, i’m all “Dean is hilarious and OMG shut up, Sam.”

Looking for TSW audio clips



I am looking for audio clips of TSW voice overs, particularly the ones by CS Lee as “The Pyramidion”. Would anyone know where I could find them or an alternative?

Thanks guys!

The only thing I can think of is there’s probably some cutscenes and such with him on YouTube. Could record the sound of that maybe?

Somebody in my cabal once spent a good portion of a few days off work capturing audio from TSW for use as phone ringtones/notifcations.

Behold! https://soundcloud.com/username171

What RPG class would you assign me?

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I posit that Fred was the heart of Angel Investigations, especially post-cordy. Then in season five, she was just a bad motherfucker.

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So, Mjolnir is going to a woman, giving her the powers of Thor. (I’m assuming Thor the Odinson, half-brother to Loki will remain a character unto himself, as “Thor” is his actual name and not just a title). Is this woman an already established character, or something new?  So many question.  I’m actually pretty excited. Enough to buy a marvel book for the first time in..a decade or so.

Meanwhile, DC still spews out bullshit excuses for the notable lack of Wonder Woman movie.  Boggles my fucking mind.

Some more Wildstar housing pics

Kessad calls his home The Inside Straight. It was a junked rocketship he won off a scrap dealer, and named it after the winning hand.

Pictured are the living/dining/lounge area, the kitchen, the front entrance, the “serenity loft” and the shelf in his room where he keeps his trophies.



Fairly certain origamisoldier and I are the only Templar in the TSW fandom on Tumblr.

e/ grins wickedly

Now say some cryptic bullshit about models and butterflies.

Fairly certain origamisoldier and I are the only Templar in the TSW fandom on Tumblr.

I follow you because of Lumie solidarity. Yeah. Solidarity. Totally not waiting for the chance to stab you in the back. Nope. Just good ol' Blue Team togetherness.






Remember to check for pressure plates under your chair, sweetling…wouldn’t want seating arrangements to blow up in your face.


How do you get anything done with all that backstabbing?

Mutual risk/reward is pretty good incentive to get cooperate and be productive. Feel free to put a big, bold underline in red pen under risk.

Caffeine + coke fueled paranoia. Yuppies.